Adam's Polishes - The Ultimate Car Cleaning Shampoo Review

I’m really excited to bring you this, and future reviews of the Adam’s Polishes product range


Last month MD Detailing online shop were given the nod, that we could supply our UK customers with this truly awesome range.

Today we want to talk to you about Adam's Polishes Car Shampoo.


I've always been a sucker for really great car shampoo and I have rarely used the same car shampoo twice. This is because I'm always lured into trying out others, in the search for the perfect one. Every time I think I found it, I see a review for a new one and think ‘I have to try this one ‘, and usually the reviews are right, and it’s even better than the one before. 

So, let me tell you about my current favourite Adam’s Car Shampoo, or as our friends across the pond like to call it, car soap. Like I say, this might not be my favourite for long, but for now, it is.

Adam's Polishes car shampoo. Who doesn't love Adam’s Polishes car detailing products? All the way from the USA, Adams car shampoo is the best it has ever been. 

When applied, it clings to the car bodywork beautifully and lathers up real nice and thick with brilliant lubricity. It smells fantastic, hell, it looks fantastic and it does exactly what it says it will. It’s cleaning is the best performance I've seen to date.


This shampoo is the product you want to use when you need to clean a car within an inch of its life! It plays a major part in prepping your car ready for its detail. 


There's no protection, sealants or enhancers in this product. It only cleans. When you need to get a vehicle as clean as you can get it, removing road grime and revealing all of its imperfections ready for you to make it perfect again, this is your shampoo.


We love the way it lathers up really, really thick, slowly gravitating down the cars’ body work, pulling away dirt with it as it goes. This is a PH neutral formula, so it won’t be harming your car by stripping the paint protection, whilst lifting away that grime and leaving a perfect, streak-free finish.

Top Tip - This is an ideal car shampoo for the summertime, as it is slower to dry, giving you longer to work on the vehicle before having to rinse it off. 

As far as how it looks in the bottle, well that's just aesthetics surely. But isn't aesthetics what we are all about - us car detailers? It's a beautiful royal blue coloured liquid, like the sky on a particularly warm, clear summers day.


The almond/marzipan smell whilst cleaning the vehicle exterior makes it so much more enjoyable too! I do love a good smelling shampoo! I like things to look, feel and smell clean.


I’m really excited to be stocking the Adam’s Polishes range. One of the many brilliant things I like about the Adams Polishes range, is that they’re always improving their products according to the feedback they get from the people that actually use them. So, just when you think they've nailed it and they’ve produced the best car shampoo possible, they go and release another one that's even better than the last. Incredible. 


Although I keep trying out new shampoo’s, Adam’s Polishes keep improving on their formulae and then I have to give it a try again. And I can hand-on-heart tell you, that they literally just keep getting better and better. I really rate a company that keeps up with their R&D and refuses to become complacent. In our fast-moving modern world, you can’t afford to stand still in business.


So when you buy an Adam’s Polishes car detailing product, you know that it is the best that they can make it. That it's been trialled and experimented with, by the best detailers in the USA. Most people have already heard of Adam’s Polishes. It’s an absolute hit in the USA and has been for many years. So, for me to be able to sell it over here in the UK, is a very big deal and I’m excited to be able to offer it in the shop, for you to buy today.

Many of us, myself included, are inspired by Adam’s rags to riches story. From a child who cleaned someone’s bike, then his own. To cleaning other people’s bikes, cleaning cars and then inventing his own car cleaning products and building his own company. And now he owns one of the biggest car detailing product ranges in the world, and has for some time!

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