Bilt Hamber Auto Foam Review - Cost Effective, Environmentally Friendly  and a Great Clean!

Various methods are used to clean a car, and snow foaming is one of the most modern and widely used techniques. It not only looks cool but also gets the job done quickly and efficiently.


However, not all the snow foams are made the same. Some are more effective than others in removing dirt and grime from a car, though this does not mean that you need to shell out more money to get a quality product. There are very reasonably priced  and very decent auto foams available, that are just as good as their expensive competitors. One such product is the Bilt Hamber Auto foam, and today we will be sharing with you the awesome results we have achieved using this snow foam.



There's a good chance that you've already heard the name Bilt Hamber. The company manufactures a wide range of car detailing products, which shows that they have got expertise in this field. Their Auto foam is an affordable product that delivers one of the best results for its price, moreover, it has all the properties that you need from a quality snow foam. The difference, and a big plus, with this auto foam is that it's 100% biodegradable which makes it eco-friendly just like many other products nowadays. 

The Bilt Hamber Auto Foam is made to provide better functionality rather than just a superficial layer of lather, enabling it to fight against the toughest stains without damaging the clear coat. In addition to this, the non-caustic formulation ensures that no swirl marks are formed during the cleaning process and it also helps in avoiding skin irritation if you have accidentally spilled it over your hands. 


Another advantage of the Auto Foam is that it can be used with all kinds of pressure washer foam lances, which means that you don’t need to spend extra money to buy a specifically compatible lance.



The procedure is fairly simple, just make sure that you are taking necessary precautions. It's a great idea to always let your car cool down before applying any kind of shampoo or foam. Furthermore, ensure that your vehicle is not in direct sunlight, or if it is, to make sure you remove the product before it dries out as it can leave product stains. The PIR (panel impact ratio) or final dilution ratio (FDR) depends upon how dirty your vehicle is, though, a 3% PIR ratio is a good rule of thumb. You can go for a 4% ratio if there is a lot of dirt and grime.

We recommend applying the snowfoam, once made up to the mentioned ratio, with a snow foam cannon or hand foam sprayer (IK Foam Sprayers are a great choice and we stock them in the MD Detailing online store).

Leave for 5-10 minutes (although the longer the better for it to do it's stuff), just be sure not to let it dry.

Thoroughly rinse before you wash.

·Pro tip:

It's a good idea to apply Bilt Hamber Surfex HD together with the Auto foam or before it if you are looking to achieve even better results. It's a water-based solution that surprisingly exceeds the cleaning performance of non-water-based solutions and at the same time is eco-friendly. The Surfex HD is particularly made to fend off the grease-based soiling from any part of the car, even from rims and tires. The use of the degreaser makes the task of Auto foam much easier, and you get better results in the end as a result of using this product. Moreover, Bilt Hamber Surfex HD is also friendly towards different kinds of protective sealants including ceramic coatings, as long as you apply it in the recommended amount.

Sufex HD Trans.png


Overall, Bilt Hamber Auto Foam is an excellent snow foam that does its job well and at the same time is affordable. Though it doesn't form a thick blanket of lather as you might expect, it does its job of removing dirt and grime extremely well, leaving only a negligible amount of work for the shampoo to do.


Last but definitely not least, this product is biodegradable, essentially meaning that it leaves minimal impact on the environment.

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