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Menzerna One-Step Polish 3 in 1: The Best All-in-One?

Menzerna is the latest brand to bring a three-in-one (cut/gloss/wax) polish to the market. The all-in-one polish includes a cutting compound, a gloss enhancer, and a carnauba wax. It is designed to be applied in one step and a high-gloss finish and seal in one easy application.

But how does it perform? Is this really one of the best all-in-one polishes available today?

Menzerna One-Step 3 in 1 Polish Performance

Menzerna has managed to deliver an impressive product that many in the industry consider an unbeatable all-rounder. It boasts robust performance when it comes to removing 3000-grit sanding marks, effectively removing swirls, smears, and shadows.

It also leaves a lovely high-gloss finish and protective seal that produces excellent water beading afterwards, Lasting a good number of washes. However, it can last as long as a couple of months or even longer if you enjoy the right weather conditions.

What makes this product great is its accessibility. By providing multiple solutions in one product; detailers can cut, gloss, and wax quickly and easily without having to switch products or worry about compatibility issues. This all-in-one polish is also great for those new to detailing who don't want to invest in several different products.

If you're looking for an all-in-one polish that will give you great results, then Menzerna's One-Step Polish 3 in 1 is definitely worth considering.

How to Use Menzerna One-Step 3 in 1 Polish

Of course, one of the best features is the ease of use. All you need is a bottle of this product and a polishing machine (rotary or orbital both work fine).

Prep the surface by cleaning thoroughly, shake the bottle and apply it to a medium-cut foam pad. Yes, you can apply by hand, but in reality, you're going to achieve the best results by using a rotary or orbital polishing machine and the cross-coating method.

Once underway, start by exerting moderately strong pressure using a medium rotational speed setting on the polishing machine. Then, reduce the pressure and the rotational speed during the final cycles.

Work the polish in until you can only see a slight oily film covering the surface. Then leave to dry for five to ten minutes before removing any residue with a premium microfibre cloth (no pressure required). You can, if you choose, then reapply using a wax foam pad to leave an enhanced finish. However, we've been impressed with the result without this final step.

It's important to note that while this is an easy one-step process, it's still important to take your time. Rushing the job will result in sub-par results, so be patient, take your time, and enjoy the process.

Where Can I Buy Menzerna One-Step Polish 3 in 1

You can purchase Menzerna One-Step Polish 3 in 1 here at MD Detailing, with the 250ml bottle costing just £12.95. Considering you only need a few squirts for each application, that's fantastic value for money.

We also offer free delivery on purchases over £50, so if you're a professional detailer or want to stock up on Menzerna's range of polishes, you can take advantage of our free delivery service by bundling this three-in-one product to a range of Menzerna's more specialist products.

Head over to our online shop now to browse the Menzerna range.



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