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Adam’s Slick & Slide is an evolution of a hyper-slick polymer detail spray that we know you’re going to love! This express detailer smells as good as it works, too! This product is for those addicted to slickness and shine.


Adam’s Slick & Slide contains unique polymers and special additives that allow it to quickly and effectively hydrophobe all external surfaces of a vehicle. The polymers cross-link and cure after application to create an immediately frictionless surface that is extremely slick to the touch and effortlessly hydrophobic.


For those attempting to compare this to our popular Adam’s H2O Guard & Gloss, this detailer was not intended to be an effective drying aid and shouldn’t be used as such. Instead, Adam’s Slick & Slide is at its best when used as a touch-up detailer between washings or as a final touch, showroom shine style detail spray.

Adam's Slick & Slide

    • Hyper Slick, Quick Detailing Spray
    • Cross-linking Polymer Technology
    • Generates a Highly Glossy and Hydrophobic Surface
    • Hawaiian Punch Scented
    • 16oz/473ml Bottle

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