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Adam’s Spray Wax is quickly becoming a fan favorite, not only because of the scent and ease of use but how the paint glows and glistens with the T1 Carnauba Flakes wiped into the painted surfaces. Adam’s Spray Wax is not made from a polymer that “mimics” carnauba, but made using melted down carnauba flakes blended into the base emulsion-- This puts it a step above the rest of any spray wax on the market.


This easy to use spray and wipe chemical provides a streak-free shine and adds that showroom glow to our vehicles that we all fell in love with the first time.

When developing this product, we wanted something that was as easy to use as our Waterless Wash or Detail Spray but added the next level of protection for our customers. 


    The scent of this chemical is raspberry and we’ll have you in the garage for hours on end just for the scent! We chose an intense magenta color for this product because it’s a more intense version of our flagship Detail Spray. Like H2O Guard & Gloss with Hybrid technology complements Paint Sealant and shares a similar color, Spray Wax complements our waxes and intensifies your Detail Spray.

    Adam’s Spray Wax will protect against light water-spotting and mild weathering effects. As this is a light, sprayable wax, the layer you’re applying to your vehicle is minimal. Adam’s Spray Wax should be used as a topper for your Liquid Buttery Wax or Carnauba Paste Wax to increase longevity.

    Adam’s Spray Wax is different from our Detail Spray since it adds protection, shine, and a durable hydrophobic layer in one wipe. Adam’s Detail Spray doesn’t add all that much protection, but is perfect for wipe downs at the show.

    Adam’s Spray Wax can be used as a post-wash drying aid for your vehicle’s finish, or as a wipe down product for the day of a show. Adam’s Spray Wax should be used as a topper for your current natural/carnauba based protection to give you that freshly waxed, wet appearance

    Adam's Spray Wax

      • Safe On All Exterior Surfaces
      • Adds Protection & Glow In One Wipe
      • Extend the Life of Your Current Protection, or Use As A Stand-Alone
      • Magenta Color, Raspberry Fragrance
      • Made in the USA
      • 16oz/473ml Bottle

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