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Angelwax Nemesis Rapid Tar Remover has been formulated to quickly remove tar from the paint surface of your vehicle.


Nemesis is a blend of hydrocarbons that has been designed to re-wet tar and turn it into a liquid state that will quickly and easily wipe away. This will leave the treated surface free from tar and other contamination.



Angelwax Nemesis Rapid tar Remover (500ml)

  • Thoroughly wash and dry the vehicle to be treated. Spray Nemesis directly onto the desired area and allow it to penetrate the tar. When the tar begins to run down the panel wipe away with a clean, dry, microfibre cloth. After all the tar has been removed, thoroughly wash, rinse and towel dry the vehicle as this will remove any residue.

    TOP TIP: After treating the paint with Nemesis, apply a coat of Angelwax QED or Ti-22 to seal and protect the paintwork. Always drain and remove the trigger after use and replace the cap.

    Do not use on smart repairs
    Do not use on plastic/rubber trim
    Do not use on matte/gloss wrap

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