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Bilt Hamber Touchless 5 Litres with Pump & Auto Wash 500ml


Bilt Hamber Touch-Less is our new eco-friendly pressure-washer, pre-clean, snow foam which can be applied by pump spray or trigger too. Applied at typically a 4% PIR this bio-degradable sugar-based product provides truly exceptional levels of cleaning of automotive paintwork.


Unlike other petrochemical-based cleaners Bilt Hamber Touch-Less is free-and-easy rinsing, easing the effort of subsequent bucket washes and massively helping post-treatments bond too. Touch-Less also contains corrosion inhibitors. Packed in 5 litre pH ~12, contains no phosphates, solvents, NTA, or caustic soda.


Bilt Hamber auto-wash is very highly-concentrated, meaning that much less solution is needed to add to the water.


1 x Bilt Hamber Touchless 5 Litres

1 x Bilt Hamber Auto-Wash 500ml

1 x Pump will dose 30ml per depression.


Bilt Hamber Touchless & Auto Wash 500ml with Pump

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