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EZ Detail Brushes 3 Brush Set


These EZ Detail Brushes are some of the most effective wheel cleaning brushes on the market. All the robust and versatile EZ Detail Brushes have the same, soft on paintwork, nylon & nylex bristles.


They are resistant to car cleaning chemicals


The brushes have non-scratch bristles and a rubber-coated stem and can be used to clean narrow gaps as well as large openings.


We have used so many brushes over the years and these EZ Detail Brushes will outlast the rest, we use them all every day with great results.


EZ Large and EZ Mini Brushes feature a rubber tip on the end of the stem to protect your wheels from damage. 


1 x EZ Detail Brush Blue Mini

1 x EZ Detail Brush Blue Large

1 x EZ Detail Go Brush

EZ Detail Brushes 3 Brush Set

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  • -A plastic tip end is the perfect solution for non-scratching of paintwork.

    -Good size handle and knuckle guard

    -Can be used on motorcycles and cars between spokes & Brake Callipers

    -Warm water will bring back any mis-shape of the bristle from being stored

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