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The Rupes Bigfoot LHR21 Mark 3 Basic Polisher Kit with a 21mm Orbit it can correct paint quicker & easier & cover larger panel areas with both good low to high end RPM for greater control.


Now with the new progressive trigger for nice control of RPM on using the machine, the length of 9 metre cable on this release is also a great feature, the non-slip rubber end is great for the handling of machine, we have found this Rupes a very reliable Random Orbital Machine polisher discover the next level of perfection.


Third in the series & they just get better each time!


This really is the next level of perfection!


This Basic Kit has everything you need to start machine Paint correction.  

    Rupes Bigfoot LHR21 Mark III/BAS Random Orbital Polisher Basic Kit

    Out of Stock
    • 9 Metre Cable

      New Progressive Trigger - Nice Control Of RPM

      Non-slip Rubber End - Great For Machine Handling

      Backing Pad: 150mm

      Orbit: 21MM

      Power: 500Watts

      Weight: 2.7KG

      Speed RPM: 3000 - 4500 RPM

      Warranty: 1 Year

    • This Basic Kit has everything you need to start machine Paint correction at a great price

      1x Rupes Bigfoot LHR21 MARK 3 Polisher (150mm – 21mm Orbit)

      1x D-A Coarse Polishing Compound 250ml

      1x D-a Fine Polishing Compound 250ml

      1x Coarse Wool Polishing Pad 150-170mm

      1x D-A Fine Foam Polishing Pad 150-180mm

      1x Cable Clamp

      4x Microfiber Cloths

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