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Microfiber Madness Waxing Moon Deluxe Hand Applicator.


They come in the same handy size but with an included pocket for your fingers, to make the application of products even more comfortable. Special feature: You may easily turn the pocket to the other side, so both sides of the pad could be used safely!


After big demand Microfiber Madness brought these new applicator pads out, the goal was to create the best-in-class applicator pad with perfect durability and usability. The Waxing Moon is made of our soft Yellow Fellow fabric and is perfect to apply wax, glazes, sealants, or trim dressings.

Microfiber Madness Waxing Moon Deluxe

Out of Stock
  • Diameter: 5” / 12,5cm
    2 pieces per pack
    Target Application:
    Material: 75% polyester / 25% polyamide

    This product is washer / dryer safe and comes packed in resealable zipper bag for dust-free, safe storage!

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