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This Rupes LHR75E/LUX Dual Action Random Orbital Machine Polisher kit with a 12mm Orbit is an awesome paint corrector, getting into those smaller contours of the bodywork, spot repairs & sanding.


We think this Rupes LHR75E kit is ideal when starting out, it has everything you will need to start paint correction with being able to use all the different pads and compounds, the new Rupes D-A pads & compounds work so well together with amazing results.  


Great bumper & luxury starter kit to start machine Paint correction!

RUPES Bigfoot Mini Random Orbital Polisher - LHR75E/LUX

Out of Stock
  • 1x Rupes Bigfoot LHR75E Polisher (75mm Diameter– 12mm Orbit)

    1x Bigfoot Apron

    1x Bigfoot tool Bag

    1xCable Clamp

    1x D-A Coarse Polishing Compound 250ml

    1x D-A Fine Polishing Compound 250ml

    1x Coarse Wool Polishing Pad 80-90mm

    1x Fine Wool Polishing Pad 80-90mm

    1x D-A Foam Course Polishing Pad 75-100mm

    1x D-A Foam Fine Polishing Pad 75-100mm

    4x Microfiber Cloths

  • Backing Pad: 75mm

    Orbit: 12MM

    Power: 400Watts

    Weight: 2.3KG

    Speed RPM: 4000 - 5500 RPM

    Warranty: 1 Year

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