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Rupes Uno Protect is an “all-in-one” compound, polish, and protectant, Rupes Uno Protect removes those lighter defects and leaves a beautiful high-gloss and protected finish, in just the one-step.


We have had very good results with this Uno Protect product in the workshop with very nice car paint correction with also adding a layer of protection like waxes & sealants in one hit.   


A great solution for if you need quick results with little effort!

Rupes Uno Protect One Step Polish and Sealant 1 Litre

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  • Removes moderate-to-light defects in one step.Here are the main features and benefits of the new product:

    ·        Polishes the surface to a high gloss shine and color depth, thanks to a rich blend of   polymer, silicone and carnauba.

    ·        Provides a durable protective layer, that lasts up to 90 days.

    ·        Easily to apply and remove.

    ·        Compatible with Random Orbital, Gear Driven, and Rotary movements.

    ·        Cutting and finishing can be adjusted with pad and compound combination.

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