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Rupes Uno Pure is ideal for soft or haze-prone paints, Uno Pure is an ultra-fine abrasive polish which can be used with Rupes Bigfoot Random Orbital Polishers and pads to give that show car finish, even on the darkest of colours, giving optical clarity and shine.

Rupes Uno Pure Ultra-Fine Finishing Polish 1 Litre

  • – Universal across all BigFoot Polishing System Movements
    – Smooth user experience with easy wipe-off
    – Unmatched finishing quality, even on the softest paint systems
    – Validated for all paint types, including single-stage, clearcoat, hard, soft, or “sticky” paints
    – Versatile applications, change the pad to change the performance
    – No intentional filling ingredients or protection properties. Leaves the finish “PURE” and ready
    for the application of a protective product
    – For best results, use with RUPES Ultra-Fine White Finishing Foam Pad

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