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Stjarnagloss SNÖ - PH Neutral Snow Foam Pre-Wash 1 Litre 


Thick pre-cleaner, great for regular washes on protected cars.


This Stjarnagloss SNO is a dense pH-neutral snow foam has a great dwell time for maximum cleaning performance on lightly soiled cars, but it is mild enough to leave existing coatings unaffected.


Apply it via a snow foam cannon with good pressure for the best results. Cover your car from the bottom upwards to increase the dwell time of the product on those dirty lower areas. A little slip to the snow foam will help carry the dirt away.


To use, simply add approximately 100ml to your snow foam cannon's 1 litre dosing bottle and top up with water. Then see the effects of that thick, luxuriant foam. You probably won't use all the mixture on a single car - Stjärnagloss reckon a litre of concentrate is good for 12-14 washes.

Stjarnagloss Sno Snow Foam 1Litre


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