Black Mamba Gloves: The Only Gloves You Need for Your Detailing Work?

When detailing cars, there are all sorts of reasons to be wearing gloves. They protect your skin from the sometimes hazardous and corrosive chemicals used to get the most stubborn dirt and grime off elements such as alloy wheels, but they should also keep your hands clean and safe from abrasions during the course of a car detailing job.

The issue? Most standard disposable gloves simply aren't up to the rigours of cleaning vehicles. Latex gloves, in particular, can spring holes in a matter of minutes when scrubbing or polishing a car, and as soon as your hands are wet, the gloves become almost useless as they are too slippery to grip anything properly.

Enter Black Mamba Gloves. Not only are they significantly more robust than your standard disposable gloves, but they also deliver superior grip capabilities.

With that in mind, let's look at why these gloves have become a mainstay of so many detailing equipment sets up and down the country.

What Makes Black Mamba Gloves Different?

Several features have propelled these gloves to "must-have" status for car detailers, including ourselves. Firstly, their construction sets them apart. They are manufactured from a patented NITREX polymer, delivering super strength (three times that of traditional vinyl and latex options) and superior stretchiness.

Consequently, these gloves are genuinely the first we've tried that live up to the marketing claim of delivering chemical and puncture resistance. Plus, because they are thicker and tougher than your standard vinyl or latex glove, many of our customers have reported getting through several detailing jobs before they eventually succumb – putting an end to throwing away your gloves at the end of every detailing session.

Lastly, they are coated in a grip rite, textured surface that makes gripping objects a doddle. Yes, even when completely soaked. This feature is perhaps more impressive than the enhanced protection from chemicals and punctures and is a game-changer for those fiddly jobs that need to be done with wet gloves.

What Sizes of Black Mamba Gloves Are Available?

Black Mamba Gloves are available in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large (XL). We've found that even if you choose a size too small, the gloves are so stretchy that you'll still get them on without much hassle. Plus, given that you won't need to take them off until you are finished, you'll only need to put them on and take them off once.

In our experience, as you go up the sizes, the gloves tend to get wider more than they get longer. So if you're known among friends and colleagues for having spade-like hands, we would recommend the XL size.

Another point worth noting, and something else we really like about these gloves, is that they are not left-right specific. That's right, no more faffing about creating matching pairs of gloves – just pull two out of the box, and you're good to go.

Where Can I Buy Black Mamba Gloves?

At MD Detailing, we are an approved stockist of Black Mamba Gloves, and we carry all sizes, meaning you're bound to find the perfect set of gloves for you. These gloves come in boxes of 100, and all sizes are excellent value for money when you consider you won't have to throw them away after every job.

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