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Bilt Hamber Auto Snow Foam so getting foundations right will allow you to achieve a stunning finish when you add wax/sealant.


The terrific foaming pre-wash, Bilt Hamber Auto Foam will give you a super-clean that’ll give your car the best soaking of dirty car paintwork before application of the vehicle shampoo & paint protection.


This is our go to snow foam for really dirty cars before paint correction giving great cleaning results as it has a real bit at pulling the dirt of the vechile, not as foaming as most snow foams but does a very good job at safely remover the dirt everytime.

Bilt Hamber Auto Foam (5 litre)

  • Use on a cool surface.

    Dilute as required to obtain a PIR (panel impact ratio) of between 1:100 and 5:100.

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