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Bilt Hamber Auto Foam 5 Litres with Pump & Auto Wash 500ml


Bilt Hamber Auto Snow Foam so getting foundations right will allow you to achieve a stunning finish when you add wax/sealant.


The terrific foaming pre-wash, Bilt Hamber Auto Foam will give you a super-clean that’ll give your car the best soaking of dirty car paintwork before application of the vehicle shampoo & paint protection.


Bilt Hamber auto-wash is very highly-concentrated, meaning that much less solution is needed to add to the water.


1 x Bilt Hamber Auto Foam 5 Litres

1 x Bilt Hamber Auto-Wash 500ml

1 x Pump will dose 30ml per depression.


Bilt Hamber Auto Foam & Auto Wash 500ml with Pump


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