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Bilt Hamber Dyna-Slip


100ml high-performance anti-seize lubricant.


Dyna-Slip is a high-performance release and lubricating compound formulated with unique inhibitors and extreme pressure to protect fasteners, fixings and components from seizure caused by extremes of temperature, pressure and corrosion.


Unlike other anti-seize compound Dyna-Slip contains no copper, magnesium or other metal particles and eliminating the potential of bimetallic corrosion. Dyna-Slip is non-hazardous and is not toxic to marine life.


  • Ensures consistent friction between threads
  • Protects against galling and seizure
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Eases assembly of tight tolerance components
  • Withstands extreme temperature
  • Protects alloy wheel to hub corrosion


How To Use

Dyna-Slip should be used as supplied. Ensure surfaces to be treated are clean and dry – free from oil, grease or dirt contamination. Apply a thin even coating to surfaces before assembly.



  • Spark plugs: Prevents seizing, especially when dealing with older engines or stubborn plugs.
  • Wheel studs and lug nuts: Protects against corrosion and makes removal easier during tire changes.
  • Brake calipers and pistons: Prevents seizing and binding for smoother operation and easier servicing.
  • Exhaust manifold bolts: Protects against high temperatures and corrosion, simplifying future disassembly.
  • Oxygen sensor threads: Ensures easy removal without damaging the sensor or surrounding components.



  • Chain adjustment bolts: Prevents seizing and makes chain adjustments smoother.
  • Exhaust header bolts: Protects against heat and corrosion for easier future maintenance.
  • Fork stanchions and sliders: Reduces friction and wear to improve suspension performance.
  • Caliper bolts and pistons: Similar to car applications, prevents seizing and binding for efficient braking.



  • Stainless steel fittings and fasteners: Protects against corrosion in saltwater environments.
  • Winch components: Ensures smooth operation and prevents seizing from exposure to the elements.
  • Electrical connections: Protects against corrosion and ensures good conductivity.
  • Hatch hinges and latches: Prevents seizing and makes opening and closing easier.



  • High-temperature machinery: Protects threaded fasteners and components in ovens, furnaces, and other hot environments.
  • Food processing equipment: Safe for use with food contact surfaces as it is non-toxic and non-contaminating.
  • Chemical processing equipment: Resists corrosion from various chemicals and prevents seizing due to chemical reactions.
  • Electrical panels and switchgear: Protects threads and connections from corrosion and ensures efficient operation.


General DIY:

  • Seized tools and bolts: Can help loosen rusted or seized bolts and tools without damaging them.
  • Squealing hinges and door locks: Reduces friction and noise for smoother operation.
  • Threaded pipes and fittings: Prevents seizing and makes assembly and disassembly easier.
  • Spark plug threads in lawnmowers and other small engines: Similar to automotive applications, prevents seizing and simplifies maintenance.


Remember, Bilt Hamber Dyna-Slip's versatility and safety make it a valuable accessorie for various applications. Don't hesitate to consider it for any situation where you want to prevent seizing, reduce friction, or protect against corrosion!

Bilt Hamber Dyna-Slip (100ml)


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