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Microfiber Madness Waxing Moon Pad is a great hand-applicator and is a must for any car detailer to own, the ultra-soft yellow microfiber fabric is the best in its class with perfect durability and usability.


The Waxing Moon from Microfiber Madness is perfect to apply wax, glazes, sealants, or trim dressings.


Many customers prefer this type of applicator for interior use as well! Regardless if your choice is the classic version or the Waxing Moon Deluxe with included pocket for your fingers: It will be the perfect helper to apply leather or plastic dressings with ease. 100% Made in Germany

Microfiber Madness Waxing Moon

  • Diameter: 5” / 12,5cm
    2 pieces per pack
    Target Application: Buff off Wax or Sealants, Trim Dressing, Leather Dressing
    Material: 75% polyester / 25% polyamide

    This product is washer / dryer safe and comes packed in resealable zipper bag for dust-free, safe storage!

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