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Absolute rinseless wash is a liquid formula created as a premium car soap alternative.


This unique subset of polymers gives amazing results which safety cleans. P&S Absolute encapsulates and emulsifies dirt beyond what soap is capable of. water is instantly softened upon mixture of Absolute, thus reducing chances of hard water spotting. The end-result is a purely clean and slick surface.


Absolute allows you to wash vehicles anywhere, anytime, whether you are a detailing professional or passion driven enthusiast. Absolute is safe and easy to use on all exterior and interior surfaces. Designed for use on paint, coatings, wraps, PPF, trim, plastics, leather and upholstery. Absolutely clean, absolutely efficient, Absolutely Absolute.


Direction for use:


  • Add 1oz of Absolute to 2 gallons (256 to 1 Dilution) of water in a wash bucket.
  • Soak a wash mitt or multiple microfibre towels and mix the product thoroughly.
  • Squeeze excess product from mitt or towels and begin washing from top to bottom of the vehicle.


PRO Tip: Soiled areas can be pre-treated utilising the same dilution of 256 to 1 in a trigger or pump sprayer. Especially recommended for heavy soiled areas.


  • For use as a Quick Detailer: Dilute 64 to 1
  • For use as a Clay Lubricant: Dilute 128 to 1
  • For Glass and Interior: Dilute 256 to 1


P&S Absolute Rinseless Wash - 946ml


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