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P&S Dream Maker Gloss Amplifier 16oz


Developed for the McCall Detailing Team during Monterey Car Week, this is the latest in Gloss Technology. Dream Maker is an Exterior Show Spray that amplifies the gloss of single stage and clear coated paint.


Safe for all existing protection including Bead Maker, this will continue to improve the look and feel of glossy surfaces. This is our answer to Dream Cars, Show Cars, and everyday drivers that need an edge on the competition.


  • Deep, Wet Gloss.
  • Perfect For Car Shows.
  • Will not change attributes of Coatings or Hydrophobic Finishes.
  • Safe On All Finishes.
  • Will Not Harm Satin or Matte Finishes.


Dream Maker Show Car Gloss Amplifier is for use at events or simply for professionals and enthusiasts who desire to achieve the highest gloss. There is no other way to put it than what’s in the name. In your hand, you quite literally hold a DREAM MAKING bottle of PURE GLOSS for your paint.


P&S Dream Maker is ideal for shows and car meets. Spray on, buff off, and boom, instant unrivalled gloss! Even if it only adds that extra 1% for your car to achieve that WOW FACTOR to win awards at your favourite Car Show, then Dream Maker is the answer. Dream Maker provides a show car exotic finish with a light layer of protection. Trust the experts and take Dream Maker for a test drive!


P&S – Dream Maker Gloss Amplifier is quite literally a bottle of Pure Gloss for your vehicle’s paintwork. Dream Maker is the ideal product for Car Shows or Meets where the gloss of your paint needs to pop or for simply when you want your car to stand out on any occasion. It offers no cleaning capabilities, only extremely short-term protection, and only a week of longevity, however it provides just an insane gloss for your show car.


Another major benefit of Dream Maker is that, as it doesn’t change the surface tension, it will not change the attributes of your vehicles coating or sealant in terms of its beading or its overall protection.


If you want an award-winning show car, you need to try P&S Dream Maker.



P&S Dream Maker Gloss Amplifier 16oz


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