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Rupes D-A High Performance Blue Coarse Foam Pads for the Rupes Bigfoot Polishers in various sizes of 100, 150, 180mm.


These New Rupes D-A Coarse Blue Foam Pads have increased in performance and have been developed specifically for the Course high-performance D-A Compound.


These new Foam Pads have a patented contour edge design which has been extensively tested for gear driven and random orbital machines.


The contour edge design has been strategically designed to maintain safe operation near edges also the new pad profile improves the consistency of pad movement in curves and contours by reducing pad distortion.


The reduced pad height, combined with the all-new foam materials, optimizes the transfer of energy from the tool to the application surface for more effective defect removal and higher quality finishing.


All these size Foam Pads work with the Rupes D-A Course High Performance Compound.


See the Additional Information for detailed specifications.

Rupes D-A Coarse Blue Foam Pads (150mm)

£8.98 Regular Price
£7.90Sale Price

    • Removes Mild to Severe Swirls & Scratches
    • Cutting Pad
    • Can be washed
    • 100mm: For use with 75mm Backing Plate - Rupes LHR75
    • 150mm: For use with 125mm Backing Plate - Rupes LHR15 or LHR12E
    • 180mm: For use with 150mm Backing Plate - Rupes LHR21

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