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Stjarnagloss Gummi -Trim and Tyre Dressing 500ML


This satin sheen trim and tyre treatment – that lasts after application.


Stjarnagloss Gummi is the perfect consistency for applying to tyres and trim – a light blue cream that glides onto rubber and plastic surfaces quickly and easily. You will never use too much or feel it dripping down the paintwork you’ve just polished.


We have given this a good go and results are great, perfect for the finishing touches which always make the world of difference using a trim dressing to the vehicle like plastic trim and tyre walls, this is so easy to apply and spread with a lovely satin look after and lasts like it says on the bottle too.


Once applied, allow it to sink in for a few minutes, then buff it with a soft microfibre cloth. You’ll be left with a satin finish that’s dry to the touch and that won’t streak in the rain.


It can even revive the colour of tired trim a little, darkening it effectively.

Apply every month or so for best results.

Stjarnagloss Gummi Trim - Tyre Dressing 500ml


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