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EZ Detail Brush: The Only Detail Brushes You Need

Updated: Jan 18

Detail brushes are an essential part of any car detailer's toolkit. Primarily used on wheels, these brushes are perfect for agitating cleaning products in the most challenging places to reach to deliver the best possible finish.

While there are plenty of detailing brushes to choose from, EZ Detail Brushes are some of the most highly rated in the industry and for good reason.

EZ Detail Brush Review

With that in mind, let's give you an overview of these brushes and our reasoning as to why we think they are right up there as one of the best in the business.

EZ Detail Brushes: An Overview

These brushes have been developed to last, with chemical-resistant nylon and nylex brushes. They boast the flexibility required for those hard-to-reach places (particularly in and around alloys and brake callipers) and the plastic handles and rubber tips to protect your wheels and paintwork from any potential damage.

They are available in a range of colours and sizes too. The Mini EZ Detail Brush is fantastic for those fiddly cleaning jobs (such as within the engine bay or around the brake callipers). In contrast, the Large EZ Detail Brushes are perfect for when you need to combine that flexibility with covering a more extensive cleaning surface area (such as alloy wheels).

EZ Detail Brush review Blog

There are also different models within the EZ Detail Brush range, too. For instance, the EZ Detail Go Brush has been designed with a non-flex handle, making it more rigid and well-suited to wheel cleaning and also great for wheel arches.

Where on My Vehicle Should I Use EZ Detail Brushes?

Typically, you would use these brushes on the areas of the car that are harder to clean by hand. Items under the bonnet, door shuts, brake callipers, and anywhere else that offers minimal scope for you to reach by hand.

Despite having incredibly hard-wearing, chemically-resistant bristles, these brushes are actually super soft, and you're very unlikely to damage your vehicle even when used vigorously.

The EZ Detail Brush can be quite versatile for various car cleaning purposes. Here's a list of potential uses:

  1. Wheel Cleaning: Ideal for reaching between spokes, behind brake calipers, and other hard-to-reach areas in wheels.

  2. Undercarriage: Effective for cleaning dirt, grime, and debris from the undercarriage of the vehicle.

  3. Engine Bay: Can be used to access and clean tight spaces within the engine bay.

  4. Interior Detailing: Useful for cleaning intricate parts like air vents, crevices between seats, or other small spaces.

  5. Exterior Trim: Cleans and maintains intricate exterior trim pieces or areas with detailed designs.

  6. Exterior Grilles: Reaches and cleans the grilles without damaging or scratching them.

  7. Hard-to-Reach Areas: Great for accessing areas around badges, emblems, and tight spaces between body panels.

Remember, when using the EZ Detail Brush, it's essential to be gentle, especially on sensitive surfaces, to avoid scratching or damaging the car's finish.

Why Choose EZ Detail Brushes for Your Car Detailing Toolkit?

There are several reasons to choose EZ Detail Brushes over similar options. First and foremost, in our experience, these brushes deliver excellent longevity, usually outlasting all other competing brands. We've had some of ours years, despite using them day-in, day-out. Yes, on occasion, the rubber tips need replacing, but they are cheap and readily available.

We've yet to find a detail brush that can match EZ Detail Brushes for their flexibility, too. This is ideal when you need to negotiate those difficult-to-reach places without damaging your paintwork or wheels in the process.

The wide selection of EZ Detail Brushes on offer also gives you the opportunity to select the perfect brush (or brushes) for your needs, rather than making do with one that's not quite right.

Where Can I Buy EZ Detail Brushes?

EZ Detail Brushes should be at the top of your list if you're looking for a top-quality detail brush (or brushes). These brushes are available to purchase from our online shop at MD Detailing. We have both sizes of the standard brush (Large and Mini), and we also stock the EZ Detail Go Brush for your wheel cleaning jobs.

If you're not sure which specific brush is right for you, we would recommend going for our EZ Detail 3-Brush Set that gives you one of each and comes with free shipping!

If you're still unsure, you can always message us at with any questions you may have regarding these brushes.

You can also sign up for our newsletter for the latest hints, tips, product releases, and offers. Doing so will also help you secure 10% off your first order with us by way of a welcome gift for a limited time only. So hurry while the offer remains valid!

Plus, you'll enjoy Free Delivery on all orders over £50!

To book your car in for its next car detail and perhaps ceramic coating, do have a look at our service packages on offer and get in touch with us at



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