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Top 3 P&S Detail Products As Recommended by MD Detailing

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

As our valued customers already know, here at MD Detailing we only stock the best, tried and tested car detailing products that we use ourselves within our industry-leading detailing services.

One of the brands that always features within one of our car care packages is P&S Detail Products. The American brand has been in business for over 60 years, which is more than a testament to the quality of products they manufacture.

More recently they have teamed up with Renny Doyle, seen by many as the Godfather of detailing (he even details the presidential plane Air Force One!), to create a new series of products, the “Double Black” collection.

Today, we want to walk through our top three picks that always make an appearance during one of our details.

P&S Bead Maker Paint Protectant

P&S Bead Maker Paint Protectant makes paint protection easier and faster than ever before. Bead Maker's unique formulation allows for quick spray application. It uses a binding polymer monomer technology to seal the vehicle’s paintwork to produce a brilliant shine and water beading with a long-lasting finish.

Better still, you can apply it to wet or dry vehicles, it’s safe to spray on all exterior surfaces including the plastics. It offers UV protection too, and we tend to use a combination of UV filters and UV stabilisers for maximum protection.

What makes Bead Maker different is the surface migrating molecule that attaches to the paint surface of a vehicle. Once attached this molecule cross-links and polymerises on the surface, building a hydrophobic durable layer of paint protection.

While this product won’t quite replace a professional ceramic coating, it’s a great way to achieve a layer of semi-permanent paint protection for your vehicle and brilliant shine between your washes. Adding a P&S Bead Maker treatment makes your next wash a breeze too, since all of the accumulated dirt and grime since its last wash glides off easily.

We find it makes a great drying aid to the car after subjecting it to a wash, and we wipe it off after around 60 seconds (to allow time to bond), leaving a superb shine underneath.

We recommend buying the gallon bottle of P&S Bead Maker Paint Protectant as it offers the best value for money. Click here to add it to your basket.

P&S Iron Buster

We all know that iron is the worst enemy of vehicle maintenance, and the P&S Iron Buster is a deep wheel cleaner and an iron decontaminant to rid your car of this damaging plight. P&S Iron Buster will safely remove any iron fallout particulates from the wheels and painted surfaces, no matter how embedded the iron particulates are. We’ve found that this formula always does the trick, even with cars that have been left standing in the open during a harsh winter.

When it comes to using the product, application is straightforward. Simply spray behind and in front of the wheel. Leave the formula to change colour from yellow to purple (this is a chemical reaction with the iron). The formula pulls the iron away from the surface and drips it downwards.

Then, using a non-scratch brush like the EZ Brushes set, clean deep into the barrel of the wheel and use a product such as the EZ Easy Go Brush for the wheel arches. Then use a tyre medium such as Brake Buster on the wheel area with a boars-hair brush like the ValetPRO range of brushes.

Be sure to rinse off the iron fallout thoroughly until the water runs clear from the top of the wheel, down and get in all those nooks and crannies. You can also use it on the paintwork of the body of the vehicle. The bonnet and under the front of the car, sides and back of the car (boot, and under too) all have iron particles hiding in plain sight.

Iron buster, although it pulls iron away from the paintwork, is very gentle and doesn’t hurt the surface of your car. If your car has particularly sensitive paintwork, you can spray some water on it first, and it will still work as well.

For car detailing, the P&S Iron Buster is a fantastic product. It is a step in the preparation and cleaning of the vehicle that will not only give excellent cleaning and decontamination results but will also ensure that you will have a clean surface to work on later in the detailing process, allowing you to avoid the mistake of working damaging iron particles into your paintwork.

Our P&S Iron Buster gallon bottle is a best-seller as it qualifies for free shipping. And with a gallon on hand, it’ll be a while before you need to order another bottle. If you’re more of a detailing enthusiast, you might want to try our 16oz Iron Buster bottle before committing to the full gallon. ​

P&S Brake Buster Wheel Cleaner

The P&S Brake Buster Wheel Cleaner lifts away oil, brake dust, and grime from your wheels. This product is an all in one tyre and wheel cleaner, and it’s completely safe as it uses a non-acidic formulation. ​It has rust inhibitors, too, replacing the acidic formulas that are damaging to the car and your health. These inhibitors prevent future corrosion in and around the wheel area.

Brake Buster foams and lathers really well and works brilliantly with the IK Foam Sprayer at a dilution rate of about 1:5. More product may be required, depending on how soiled the wheels are, but we rarely use more than the guideline ratio listed above. We recommend using the ValetPRO boars-hair brush for the face of the wheels, as they work brilliantly with this specific product.

We like this product because it’s very high foaming per unit of product, and it's very flexible. In effect, you can dilute it according to how dirty your wheels are or if you want it to lather up more. This feature isn’t just a time-saving bonus; it will also help it last much longer.

Once again, your best bet is to purchase the gallon bottle of P&S Brake Buster Wheel Cleaner, as it offers you the best value for money and will last you a while in between restocks.

Top 3 P&S Detail Products Summary

So that’s it for our recommendations regarding this fantastic range. To be honest, all P&S products are fantastic, but we’ve picked out these three as they are what we consider “must-haves” for your car detailing process.

Head over to the P&S Detail Products section of the shop to pursue the entire range, and remember that there is free shipping on all orders above £50. You can grab a further 10% off by signing up for our newsletter, which represents a significant saving if you are buying all three together.

If you have any further questions before pulling the trigger on these items, don’t hesitate to fire an email to a member of our experienced team at, and we’ll do our best to respond to your query within 24 hours.

Thanks for reading!

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