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Aensō POLARIS Snow Foam: The Most Luxurious Snow Foam on the Market?

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Aensō is relatively new to the auto detailing world, so chances are you might not yet have come across this up-and-coming Japanese brand. However, their commitment to producing high-quality, top-end products has made them a rising star in the scene, and their POLARIS snow foam is one of their most popular offerings.

But why is Aensō POLARIS Snow Foam so special? What makes it worth a try over other leading snow foam products, including the very impressive offerings from Bilt Hamber, such as Touch-Less or Auto Foam we've spoken about previously?

Why Choose Aensō POLARIS Snow Foam as Your Pre-Wash Solution?

There are plenty of reasons to consider adding this excellent product to your collection. One of the first aspects you'll notice about this product is how well it foams. From the moment it leaves your foam lance, it's thick and creamy – everything you could ask for in a pre-wash solution.

This thick solution does an excellent job of "clinging" onto the car and physically dragging dirt, grime, and other contaminants off the vehicle you're cleaning. This is where the real value of an excellent snow foam comes in, as these initial cleaning stages make the most significant difference to how much you have to do to get the car spotless.

Aensō POLARIS is pH-neutral, meaning it's safe to use on all vehicle surfaces. It won't oxidise trims, plastics, or other surface protectants, including waxes, sealants and ceramic coatings. So there's no need to worry about inadvertently damaging your vehicle.

A side from the excellent performance, it also smells fantastic. As all professional detailers know, we work with many products that seriously test our nasal passages. But Aensō POLARIS Snow Foam has a lovely, fruity scent that's genuinely enjoyable to use. This is one product you'll look forward to using rather than dreading.

Lastly, there's the physical bottle design, which looks and feels premium and elegant. It's the sort of product you'll be happy to have sitting out on your workstation rather than hiding away in a cupboard.

Yes, it's more expensive than alternatives, but in our opinion, it's worth the investment. If you're looking for a top-quality snow foam that will make your pre-washing easier and more enjoyable, we recommend giving Aensō POLARIS a try.

How to Use Aensō POLARIS Snow Foam?

In terms of product usage, this snow foam works very similarly to others on the market. Firstly, mix up your solution using water to create the perfect dilution for the specific job. Aensō recommends 1ml per 10ml of water. However, you can go stronger if you've got a particularly dirty vehicle.

Once you've mixed up your solution (make sure the solution has dissolved in the water properly), add it to your foam lance and apply it to the vehicle in an even layer. Allow the product to dwell for five to ten minutes, during which time it will start clinging onto contaminants and start working its magic.

You're right if you're thinking ten minutes is a long time to let it sit, particularly in the summer months. You might only get away with that long on a damp, cloudy day. However, if you've got a shaded area or garage you can use, that would be ideal. In direct sunlight, we wouldn't recommend leaving it for much longer than five minutes. Otherwise, it'll start to dry on the vehicle.

Once you're happy it's had enough time to dwell, you can then rinse the vehicle down with a pressure washer.

And that's it! Your vehicle is now dirt and debris-free and ready for some contact washing.

Where to Buy Aensō POLARIS Snow Foam

As an approved stockist of Aensō products, MD Detailing is proud to offer this excellent product to our customers.

You can purchase Aensō POLARIS Snow Foam directly from our online shop. We offer free UK delivery on all orders over £50, so why not browse the rest of the excellent Aensō range to see if anything else takes your fancy?

Lastly, if you sign up for our newsletter, you can secure a further 10% off your next order. So why not give it a try today and see for yourself just how good this product is?



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