Bilt Hamber Touch-Less – It's Greener But Does it Work?

Updated: Mar 21

Those of you who have been devoted to Bilt Hamber’s Auto Foam for many years will likely be intrigued by the recent release of a new snow foam product from the same company. So what’s different about the Bilt Hamber Touch-Less foam and why should you consider making the switch to this newer, more environmentally-friendly car cleaner?

Bilt Hamber Touch-Less – What Makes it So Different?

With so many excellent snow foam products out there (including Bilt Hamber’s own Auto

Foam no less), what’s the reasoning for releasing this pre-wash snow foam to market? Well, in short, to better protect your car and the environment.

Unlike many snow foams, this solution is sugar-based, meaning it doesn’t contain many of the nasty chemicals that are harmful to your paintwork and, more broadly speaking, the environment.

What’s great is that, not only is the solution completely biodegradable but it’s also:

● Non-caustic

● Phosphate-free

● Solvent-free

● Does not contain sodium hydroxide

So not only will it treat the environment well, but it will be kinder to your vehicle during the car detailing process.

Lastly, as the name suggests, the idea of Touch-Less is that you don’t need to touch the snow foam treatment. All you need to do is let it rest as it gets to work and then you just wash it off with a pressure washer. Job done!

How Does it Work? Is It As Good As Traditional Snow Foams?

You prep and mix the solution in much the same way as the Auto Foam. This particular product is meant to be used with pressure washers, but you can use a trigger or pump spray if you wish. The suggested PIR (Panel Impact Ratio) is 4% for soiled vehicles, and up to 5% for really dirty and grimy vehicles.

If you’re familiar with Bilt Hamber, you’ll know all about PIR, but if not, there are straightforward calculations you can follow on the packaging to obtain the right concentration of snow foam.

In terms of how it works, this particular snow foam is relatively thin and runny. So if you want your snow foam to really lather up a vehicle, this might not be the solution for you. However, its cleaning power is immense. In our experience, it’s easily as good as Auto Foam (if not better) and has the added bonus of being a sugar-based product.

We’ve cleaned some cars with this product in the depths of winter, and it has performed incredibly well, time after time. So it’s a definite thumbs up from us!

The only (very) slight gripe is that it’s more expensive than Auto Foam. However, with the improved performance, a kinder impact on paintwork and the environment, and the well-known longevity of Bilt Hamber products, you can rest assured that the extra few pounds are worth it.

Where Can I Buy Bilt Hamber Touch-Less?

The good news is that we have Touch-Less snow foam in stock here at MD Detailing. We don’t sell any products that we haven’t used ourselves, and despite having much greener car cleaning credentials, Bilt Hamber has created a product here that is every bit as good as their Auto Foam standard-setter. Some of our team think it’s even better!

Thus, if you want to give it a try, why not purchase a five-litre bottle of Bilt Hamber Touch-Less today and give it a whirl? Or, better yet, you could combine it with Bilt Hamber’s new Touch On sachets to allow your vehicle (or one of your client’s) to benefit from a complete Bilt Hamber Touch system.

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