Make Your Car Glisten with P&S Dream Maker Gloss Amplifier

If you are serious about your cars and often exhibit them at car shows/meets, then you'll know that a gloss can be the difference maker between your vehicle winning an award or falling into the also-ran category.

P&S Dream Maker Gloss Amplifier is a product designed with the car enthusiast in mind, producing an almost-instant unrivalled gloss that will give your car the added wow factor irrespective of whether you want to win awards at car shows or simply make your neighbours jealous.

So what was the motivation for this product, and how does it work?

P&S Dream Maker Gloss Amplifier: Created to Make Your Car "Pop"

The P&S Dream Maker Gloss Amplifier is an addition to the highly-regarded Double Black Renny Doyle Collection of P&S Detail Products. It was developed for the McCall Detailing Team during Monterey Car Week and is an Exterior Show Spray that amplifies the gloss of single-stage and clear coated paint.

As you might have guessed, it is designed with car shows in mind, helping you gain that extra 1% of sheer unadulterated gloss, making your car really "pop."

What's great about this gloss booster is that, while it delivers a deep, wet gloss, it doesn't alter any of the attributes of any hydrophobic finishes or paint coatings you've applied and won't interfere with satin or matte finishes. In fact, we recommend using this product in tandem with the highly effective Bead Maker from P&S Detail Products.

How to Apply P&S Dream Maker Gloss Amplifier

Perhaps this product's most significant selling point is how easy it is to use. Simply spray the product on your vehicle, buff it off, and then wait for your car to become super glossy.

While the company claims that this gloss adds an extra 1%, in our experience, it delivers significantly more of a gloss boost that really finishes off your detail in a majestic manner, even in dull light!

Something worth noting is that, once applied, the finish will only last approximately one week, hence the car show target market. That said, it's still an excellent product, and you don't need bucket loads to achieve an incredible finish. Just one bottle will last you several car shows, if not more.

Purchase P&S Dream Maker Gloss Amplifier from MD Detailing Today

At MD Detailing, we've long been a fan of P&S Detail Products, and this gloss booster is a welcome addition. While there's no question that this is a relatively specialist product, if you want to give your car an insane gloss, this is the product for you.

Whether you are a professional car shower or merely an enthusiast, you can pick up your bottle of P&S Dream Maker Gloss Amplifier from MD Detailing's online shop. At just £12.95 a bottle, we believe this product represents excellent value for money and is a perfect addition to any detailer's kit.

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