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Bilt Hamber Auto-Wash: The Best Value-for-Money Car Shampoo Out There?

Updated: Jan 23

As anyone in the detailing industry knows, Bilt Hamber is a byword for quality and value for money. The company's products have a deserved reputation for being both effective and inexpensive, whilst always attempting to be as kind to the environment as possible.

The story is exactly the same when it comes to Bilt Hamber's Auto-Wash. An excellent shampoo that produces excellent results at a price that won't break the bank. What more could you ask for?

Bilt Hamber Auto Wash Review

But what makes this product special, and why might you want to try it over other shampoos on the market? Let's take a closer look and find out.

Why Choose Bilt Hamber Auto-Wash?

One of the first things you'll notice about Bilt Hamber's Auto-Wash is how little of it you have to use in order to get a nice lather-filled bucket of suds. This is thanks to the shampoo's 'super-concentrated' formula, which also means that you'll get more washes out of each bottle.

All you need is 5ml (roughly the same as a teaspoon) of this product to create a 10-litre bucket –chock-full of cleaning power. In economic terms, you're looking at around 12p-16p per wash bucket. That's tremendous value for money, especially when you compare it to similar products on the market.

But what about the cleaning power? Well, this is where the Auto-Wash really shines. This product really does cut through the grime, leaving your car looking revitalised before you've even got to the latter stages of your detail. The shampoo is also pretty good at dealing with those 'hard to shift' patches of dirt and debris – you know, the ones that always seem to evade your sponge or wash mitt.

So, all-in-all, Bilt Hamber Auto-Wash is an excellent shampoo that offers fantastic value for money without sacrificing cleaning power or performance.

Does Bilt Hamber Auto-Wash Contain Any Nasties?

No, as part of Bilt Hamber's ongoing commitment to creating environmentally friendly products, Auto-Wash contains no colourants, waxes, perfumes, or thickeners. This makes it one of the 'cleanest' shampoos on the market and means that it's kinder to both your car's paintwork and the environment.

It also delivers industry-leading anti-corrosion protection on steel – ideal if you're detailing an older vehicle with exposed metalwork. The lack of added chemicals also benefits modern cars, as it avoids the problem of trapping corrosive elements (included in some detergents at the same price point) in any of your folded seams.

Bilt Hamber Car shampoo Review Picture

So, if you're looking for a quality car shampoo that doesn't cost the earth – and won't damage your paintwork or the environment – then Bilt Hamber's Auto-Wash is definitely worth considering.

Purchase Bilt Hamber Auto-Wash Today from MD Detailing

As the car shampoo that potentially delivers the most bang for your buck, Auto-Wash has become something of a 'holy grail' product in the detailing world.

Here at MD Detailing, we're proud to stock a wide range of Bilt Hamber's excellent products, and Auto-Wash is no exception. We stock both 500ml and 1-litre bottles, but don't be put off by the small sizes. Remember, due to the extra concentration, you can get up to 100 washes from a 500ml bottle or 200 washes from a 1-litre.

Whatever you decide, be sure to stock up from our online shop today and enjoy the benefits of this excellent car shampoo for weeks, months, or even years to come! Don't forget you can get even better value by signing up for our email newsletter – giving you an extra 10% off your order.

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