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IK Foam Pro 2 & Multi Pro 2

Updated: Jan 23

Sprayers and foam cannons have long been trusted tools of the vehicle detailing trade. From getting foam into those tricky nooks and crevices to giving you closer control of your spray areas, handheld sprayers are an essential part of any detailer’s kit.

IK Sprayer multi Pro 2

IK Sprayer Foam Pro 2 Picture

However, as is the case with all products, not all sprayers are created equal. IK Sprayers are well renowned in the detailing industry and are also used by professionals in numerous other industries. Here we will take an in-depth look at both the IK Foam Pro 2 and IK Multi Pro 2, walking you through all the information you need to know before purchasing one or both of these well-regarded sprayers.

IK Sprayers: A Detailed Comparison of the Foam Pro 2 and Multi Pro 2

This article dives into the world of IK sprayers, comparing two popular models: the Foam Pro 2 and the Multi Pro 2. Both sprayers are known for their exceptional build quality and durability, making them ideal choices for professional detailers and car enthusiasts alike.

IK Foam Pro 2 - An Industry-Leading Foam Sprayer

The IK Foam Pro 2 is a significantly improved version of the Foam Pro 1.5, providing better functionality and ergonomics. The size of the bottle has been increased to nearly 2L (1.9L to be exact), of which 1.25 litres is the upper end of the practical capacity. The remaining capacity, as you may well already be aware, is pressurized with air so that you can use it to apply a nice thick layer of foam.

The box comes with several accessories that allow you to customize the Foam Pro 2 to your needs. The three mixers (orange, green & grey) are meant to be used for wet, dry, and standard foam respectively. The mixers are attached to the straw/pipe of the sprayer and can be detached easily by simply pulling them from the tip.

Besides the mixers, there are several additional features integrated into the new Foam Pro 2 that are worth knowing about.

Firstly, the package comes with colour-coded caps that attach to the bottom of the handle. These caps serve two important purposes. The first purpose, which is rather evident by their name, is that they are used to indicate the type of solution filled in the bottle. Their other purpose is to store the mixer tips inside the handle so that they aren’t lost during the cleaning process.

Secondly, this foam sprayer includes a squishy and enlarged plastic bottom that doesn’t leave any scratches if you accidentally place the bottle on the car. Furthermore, both the handle and the container (bottle) have been made with ergonomics in mind, letting you get a solid grip on the sprayer.

Lastly, a nice added touch is the small red mechanical trigger lock placed just under the trigger, which helps avoid any accidental spillages.

IK Multi Pro 2 - The All-Purpose Sprayer

The IK Multi Pro 2 is an identical twin of the Foam Pro 2; however, they are used differently. This sprayer boasts all of the positive features of its sister sprayer, except this model is not a foam sprayer. In other words, the foam sprayer above is for foam, and this product is meant for everything else.

The “Multi” in the Multi Pro 2 name refers to its incredible ability to hold all sorts of solutions such as acids, alkalis, pesticides, solvents, and alcohol, to name but a few. Its versatility is a big reason behind its popularity in a range of industries separate from car detailing.

With car detailing, the IK Multi Pro 2 is made for spraying detergents and cleansing agents that do not form a lather. Those of you in the industry will know that these types of solutions are applied to remove grime or act as a lubricant. What it won’t handle is foam, so don’t even bother trying!

How Do the IK Sprayers Work?

In short, they work pretty much the same way, which is hardly a surprise given they have identical designs. Once you’ve taken care of the specific product dilution instructions and adjusted the pressure accordingly, then the sprayer is ready to go.

A handy scale has been stamped on both spray bottles, making the dilution process more convenient and straightforward. But don’t forget that you need to leave ample space so that sufficient air builds up inside the bottle. The automatic air pressure release mechanism built on the top of the bottle will take care of the excess pressure all by itself, so there’s no need to worry about that.

Lastly, the solid build quality of the Multi Pro 2, in particular, allows you to store hazardous chemicals in it indefinitely. Although, I wouldn’t recommend you try it for several reasons. You should always empty the bottle if the solution isn’t used for an extended period.

Wrap Up

Both the IK sprayers offer excellent performance within their designated roles. The Foam Pro 2 Sprayer is a great foam sprayer solution, whereas the Multi Pro 2 Sprayer is very effective for spraying harsher detergents and other cleaning agents. Its versatility makes it a must-have for many hobbyists and professional car detailers up and down the country.

Overall, these IK Sprayers are well worth the money, and their durable build quality makes them last years, provided you take good care of them. Our recommendation is one of each in your detailing equipment lineup. But the choice is, of course, yours.

Where to Buy these IK Sprayers:

Both IK Foam Pro 2 and Multi Pro 2 Sprayers are readily available at online stores. Here are some popular options:

Amazon: Often offers competitive prices and fast delivery, making it a convenient choice.

eBay: For those seeking new IK sprayers beyond Amazon's selection, eBay's marketplace may present additional choices for various detailing enthusiasts, head over to MD Detailing’s eBay Store.

MD Detailing: As the article's author, MD Detailing which carries both models and can provide expert advice on choosing the right one for your needs.

Why not head over to our online shop today to pick up one of each and benefit from free shipping?

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