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Comparing ValetPRO Snow Foams

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Snow foaming is an essential part of the car detailing process. Working like a bubble bath for a car or van, it tackles some of the most stubborn dirt and grime pre car wash. A good snow foam can save a detailer so much work later down the line, and thus you’re going to want to choose yours wisely.

While there are plenty of options to choose from, the options offered by ValetPRO represent some of the best on the market. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional detailer, this brand is synonymous with grime-tackling performance.

They offer a range of snow foams, so let’s quickly run through them so that you can make an informed decision regarding the best one for you.

ValetPRO Foamula 1

If you can get past the cheesy name, you’ll find a serious snow foam product underneath. When mixed and lanced onto a vehicle correctly, it produces a nice thick foam lather that clings onto the paint work to remove every last millimetre of mud, dirt, and road film. It’s also great for getting rid of stubborn minute metal particles and salt that is laced all over most cars during the autumn and winter months.

ValetPRO Foamula 1 is pH-neutral, making it suitable for pretty much all vehicle paintwork. There’s no need to worry about damaging or stripping paint and other protective coatings. A nice little added bonus is that it has a lovely apple scent, which you can enjoy while it’s getting to work on your car. This is an upgrade on some competing snow foams that smell very “chemically.”

Applying ValetPro Foamula 1

Another advantage to using Foamula 1 is that it’s dead easy to apply. All you need to do is mix 300ml of snow foam to 1000ml of water for a car that is not lightly or somewhat dirty, and that should be enough. Heavy soiled vehicles may require a little more formula – you can adjust your connotation to suit your needs – but it’s always a cost-effective solution no matter how much you use.

In my experience, 300ml is enough nine times out of ten. I would recommend using a pump foam sprayer for application as it gives you a much thicker lather. The correct concentration for a foam sprayer is usually 1:5 for a heavily soiled vehicle or 1:20 for a lightly soiled vehicle. Once applied leave for no longer than five minutes and rinse it off using a pressure washer.

ValetPRO pH Neutral Snow Foam

If your attitude to snow foams is the thicker the better, then you might want to give the ValetPRO pH-neutral snow foam a try. An enhanced adhering power translates into a richer lather that spends more time removing several kinds of contaminants. The ValetPRO pH neutral snow foam should be your preferred choice if you want a snow foam that forms a super thick lather.

Another benefit of this product is that it’s highly effective on wax or sealant-coated cars due to its pH neutral nature and can rinse off numerous kinds of debris, including road films, little bug splats, and small metallic particles. The ValetPRO pH neutral snow foam is their best-selling product, which says a lot about its efficacy.

Lastly, this snow foam is available in both 1L and 5L bottles, both of which are incredibly affordable. The 1L ValetPRO snow foam bottle costs less than £8, whereas the 5L represents even better value being just north of £20.

Applying ValetPRO pH Neutral Snow Foam

As with any other snow foam, you can also apply this one using a pump spray or a foam lance. However, the dilution rate for a pump spray is considerably more than a foam lance. I find it's best to dilute the solution at 1:20 when using a pump spray, whereas I use a dilution rate of 1:3 for a snow foam lance.

The rest of the procedure is the same as with any other snow foam. Just make sure that you are not applying it directly under the hot sun as it can evaporate, which will diminish its cleaning ability and leave visible and unsightly white stains. After applying the snow foam, let it dwell for 3-5 minutes as usual before rinsing it off using a pressure washer.

Another quick note on ValetPRO pH neutral snow – it tends to freeze at around five degrees. So make sure to keep it stored somewhere comfortably above that temperature.

ValetPRO Advanced Neutral Snow Foam

The ValetPRO Advanced neutral snow foam acts as an alkaline-based snow foam but is, in fact, a pH neutral snow foam. This unique ability allows it to fight off tough stains such as bug splats as well as petrol and diesel stains. The advanced neutral snow foam achieves all of this while retaining a pH-neutral formulation that prevents corrosion and damage to paintwork. Moreover, its neutral composition ensures that none of the wax or protective coating is damaged during the detailing process.

The ValetPRO Advanced Neutral snow foam is a step up from both the Foamula 1 and pH neutral snow foam since it combines the cleaning power of alkaline-based snow-based with a pH-neutral formula. The famous thick lather formula has been retained for this particular snow foam solution, allowing it to eat into stubborn stains more successfully.

Its alkaline character makes it more potent, providing much better dirt-eradicating power than its slightly weaker counterparts. As a result, this snow foam is highly effective against tougher stains accumulated on alloy wheels that are hard to remove using a conventional pre-wash.

Applying ValetPRO Advanced Neutral Snow Foam

There are no special application instructions for this foam as it behaves in a very similar way to those mentioned above, although it doesn’t have the freezing issues of the pH-neutral snow foam.

ValetPRO Snow Foam Combo 2

ValetPRO Snow Foam Combo 2 is a true alkaline-based snow foam that is an improved version of the Snow Foam Combo and has been developed to remove tough stains such as diesel stains, bird poo, and bug splats. Its alkaline nature also helps it scrape off any protective coating or wax applied on the car previously, which is especially helpful if your car needs a new detailing job or you want to apply another wax or sealant post-foam.

The Snow Foam Combo 2 forms a rich and sticky layer of foam that firmly sticks to a vehicle, increasing its contact time. An increased contact time, combined with its alkaline nature, results in high penetrating power against all kinds of debris, providing a much better end result than many competing products.

ValetPRO Snow Foam Combo 2 offers exceptional versatility and can be used on various surfaces such as wheels, wheel arches, engine bay, and aluminium. This versatility is beneficial since most new cars have several parts made out of aluminium these days.

Applying ValetPRO Snow Foam Combo 2

The preparation procedure for Snow Foam Combo 2 is slightly different from the others due to its alkaline nature. The dilution rate for a snow foam lance is 1:3, increasing to 1:10 for a pump spray. You can increase the dilution rate to 1:15 if a vehicle is not heavily soiled, making your snow foam last even longer.

Furthermore, if you are using a snow foam lance, I suggest using this on the lower panels, where most dirt and grime usually accumulates. We recommend avoiding using it on the upper part of the car as the alkaline nature of this snow foam can slightly discolour the plastic trims or rubber on the upper parts.

The final stage is the same as with any other snow foam, whereby you just simply need to rinse the foam off after it has dwelled for 3-5 minutes. As always, don’t allow it to dry as it will leave visible stains.

Recap and Verdict

All ValetPRO snow foams are excellent. While they all serve slightly different purposes, you can’t go wrong with any of them. Just make sure you match the snow foam with the job required, and that’s it! As long as you get the preparation and application right, you’ll have nothing else to do but enjoy the results!

Here at MD Detailing, we stock a range of ValetPRO snow foams in a broad spectrum of bottle sizes, and we also sell snow foam lances and pump foam sprayers.

Simply head over to our online shop to browse our extensive range and take advantage of free shipping on orders over £50 while stocks last!


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