Maintenance Detail

In a nutshell, this is a detail that will clean your vehicle to the best it can possibly be on a regular basis.

This detail package is ideal for a regular thorough annual (or half yearly) clean. 


Perhaps you have had a ceramic coating applied previously and you want to keep it maintained regularly to ensure the longevity of the coating. 


You might be putting your vehicle to bed for the winter and want to give it a last detail before doing so, so it’s ready to bring out of hibernation in the spring/summer.

Starting prices range from £160 +VAT (depending on size and condition of the vehicle)


A complete pre-wash, safe wash and decontamination

​​​-Using only top quality tried and tested products


-Wheels thoroughly washed (with iron removal)

-Thorough wash (including wheel arches deep cleaned)

-De-grease (including all door/boot shuts, inner seals and any small gaps/crevasses) 

-Mineral deposits removal

-Tar & Iron removal

-Clay Bar (removes the remaining dirt such as tree sap, bonded contaminates etc.)​


-To avoid water spots


-applied to all paintwork (and wheels if required)


​Ceramic coating Top-up

- ceramic coating topped up if previously applied by MD Detail

Glass Clean

-Interior and exterior of glass thoroughly cleaned


Interior surfaces

-thoroughly cleaned



-all carpets, mats, seats etc. to finish interior clean


Polish exhaust tips


Tyre dressing applied


All plastics dressed


For this Maintenance Detail package, we’ll work on your vehicle over the course of a full day. This will increase if you choose any of the extras below:


  • Engine Bay Detail includes a thorough cleanse and the dressing of plastics and rubber - £65.00 +VAT 

  • Ceramic wheel protection - £55 +VAT (ON CAR) / £135 +VAT (OFF CAR)

  • Trim ceramic coating - £70 +VAT

  • Ceramic Glass Coating all Exterior £60 +VAT