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New Car Detail

There is a big difference between dealership new car prep and a dedicated car detailer. A car detailer’s level of detail, time spent on cleaning, polishing and protecting your new vehicle to the most excellent standard and making it the best it can be is second to none. It will be pampered to within an inch of its life, and your car will look the best it can be.

Unfortunately, you may not be as happy with the condition of the paintwork or the interior, even when you’ve paid good money for a clean and protect package.


The start of your car’s life is the best time to have it properly protected with ceramic coating. This will help repel dirt, make it easier and quicker to clean, stop UV ray damage, and help to keep the value of your vehicle.   

Starting prices range from £360 +VAT to £795 +VAT (depending on size and condition of the vehicle)

Complete safe wash process with decontamination


-Wheels thoroughly washed (with iron removal)

-Thorough wash (including wheel arches deep cleaned)

-De-grease (including all door shuts and small gaps/crevasses) 

-Glue residue removal

-Mineral deposits removal

-Tar & Iron removal

-Clay Bar (removes the remaining dirt such as tree sap, bonded contaminates etc.)


Blown dry

-A safe non-touch drying method with air​​

IPA Wipe-down​​​

​-Full paint inspection and measure​​


Single stage machine polish 

-to make the paintwork as good as it can be before coating, improving shine and taking away any bodywork defects such fine scratches and marring

Paintwork wiped over with IPA/panel wipe

 -Wiped over to remove any oils/polish in preparation for the coating


Engine bay clean & plastics coated

Apply synthetic paint sealant/carnauba wax 

-(upgraded ceramic paint protection options available – see below options)

Wheel sealant applied

-(upgraded ceramic coating options available - see below options)

All exterior trim treated with a permanent ceramic coating

All interior vacuumed and cleaned


Exterior glass clean (upgraded ceramic glass coating options available – see below) 

Delicate areas such as grilles, hand polished and protected


Tyre dressing applied


Final thorough inspection


For this New Car Protection Detail package we’ll work on your vehicle over 1-2 days. This will increase if you choose any of the extras below:


  • Ceramic paint protected up to 2 years* (Single Layer) From £135 +VAT

  • Premium ceramic coating (3 layers) protected from to 3-5 years* From £280 +VAT

  • Ceramic wheel protection - £55 +VAT (ON CAR) / £135 +VAT (OFF CAR)

  • Ceramic Glass Coating all Exterior £60 +VAT

  • Interior protection of all carpets/mats, seats (including leather/fabric seats) and dashboard £120 +VAT

  • Soft top hood, cleanse & protect - £90 +VAT


*Protection duration is guaranteed by MD Detailing, only if the vehicle is maintained according to the care guidelines.​​


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