Microfiber Madness

Premium quality microfibre car cleaning cloths, wash mitts and pads

Microfiber Madness was an idea born in a little village in Germany back in 2010, to fill a much-needed gap in the market for premium quality microfiber cloths, mitts and pads.


Back then, the microfiber products for car cleaning, just didn’t cut it. They were falling way short of expectations despite some products carrying a premium price tag.

After a year in the making and searching for the right manufacturer to understand and produce this premium quality brand, Microfiber Madness was finally born.


And here we are. 10 years on, with a fantastic product range of the best quality microfibre cloths, mitts and pads on the market today.


We don’t use any other microfiber cloth at MD Detailing for our car detail work. We have tried them all.


Microfiber Madness delivers every time on quality, longevity, value for money and it performs brilliantly, every single time.