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Minor Paint Correction

The Minor Detail is a 2 step process that after an intense clean consists of the application of a medium compound which will remove light scratches and imperfections, light swirling, oxidation and holograms. It's then finished with a polishing compound which will enhance your vehicle’s paintwork and bringing back the original colour-depth and gloss to around 75-80% of its original state.

Starting prices range from £500 +VAT to £700 +VAT (depending on size and condition of the vehicle)​


A complete pre-wash, safe wash and decontamination

​​​-Using only top quality tried and tested products


-Wheels thoroughly washed (with iron removal)

-Thorough wash (including wheel arches deep cleaned)

-De-grease (including all door/boot shuts, inner seals and any small gaps/crevasses) 

-Mineral deposits removal

-Tar & Iron removal

-Clay Bar (removes the remaining dirt such as tree sap, bonded contaminates etc.)​

Air-dry of vehicle

Wipe down 

-with IPA solution

Inspect paintwork 

-and perform readings of paint-depth to ensure safe paintwork correction methods are used​

Multi-stage correction machine polish 

-Starting with a 2 step process of a medium compound to remove any swirls and common scratches. And finishing with a polishing compound, to bring back that flawless finish, depth of colour and crystal clarity to your paintwork (ceramic coating is strongly advised to protect the polished finish, see below options).

High quality sealant/wax applied - to all paintwork and wheels (See optional ceramic coatings below)​

Polish exhaust tips

Exterior glass cleaned

Light interior vacuum (see interior deep clean extra below for more thorough/intense clean)

Light interior glass clean

All plastics dressed

Tyre dressing applied​


For this Minor Correction Detail, we’ll work on your vehicle over 2-3 days. This will increase if you choose any of the extras below:


Engine bay detail includes a thorough cleanse and the dressing of plastics and rubber - £65.00 +VAT 

Ceramic wheel protection - £55 +VAT (ON CAR) / £135 +VAT (OFF CAR)

Ceramic glass coating (all exterior) £60 +VAT

Ceramic coat brake callipers (if painted) £25 +VAT

Headlights restoration £40 +VAT

Interior deep clean from £70 +VAT (condition and size of vehicle depending)

Interior surfaces thoroughly cleaned and polished, fabric seats and carpets wet-vaxed/leather seats shampooed, all plastics (and dashboard) cleaned and dressed, interior glass cleaned

Leather/fabric seats protection £50 +VAT

Complete interior protection - All interior surfaces including seats, carpets, dashboard, doors from £120 +VAT

Ceramic paint protected up to 2 years* (Single Layer) From £135 +VAT

Premium ceramic coating (3 layers) protected from to 3-5 years* From £280 +VAT

Soft top hood, cleanse & protect - £90 +VAT


*Protection duration is guaranteed by MD Detailing, only if the vehicle is maintained according to the care guidelines.


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