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Grit Guard Bucket Dolly: Make Washing Your Car Easier and Safer

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

One of the biggest gripes from detailers when washing bodywork or wheels is the pain of lugging around heavy buckets full of soapy or rinse water – not to mention the annoyance of constantly bending down and reaching for them.

The Grit Guard Bucket Dolly eliminates these frustrations by acting as a trolley for your buckets. Simply place your bucket on the dolly and it will enable you to move it around easily and keep it elevated, so you don’t have to stoop down whenever you need to access it.

Grit Guard Bucket Dolly Review

No more threats of a spilt bucket or sore back – the Grit Guard Bucket Dolly is a must-have for any serious detailer.

So what makes the Grit Guard Bucket Dolly one of the best solutions on the market?

Why The Grit Guard Bucket Dolly Excels

Several features make these particular bucket dollies (available in three colours) so good at doing their job.

Firstly, they boast an excellent load-bearing capacity, with a max weight of 250 pounds (117 kg). Most people can't even lift that weight, let alone carry it around – which just goes to show how tough and durable these dollies are.

Secondly, the Grit Guard Bucket Dolly comes with three thumb screws, which you tighten to secure your bucket in place. These eliminate the chance of your bucket slipping or falling off, even if you hit a bump while moving it around.

The third reason the Grit Guard Bucket Dolly is such a great choice is that it comes with five heavy-duty swivel caster wheels. These make it easy to move your bucket around, even when it's full of water. And because they swivel, they provide excellent manoeuvrability, so you can easily get into tight spaces. If you need more ground clearance, you can even upgrade from the standard 2" castors to 3" versions.

Lastly, these bucket dollies excel because they can be connected together. Most detailers will have two buckets on the go, one with a soapy cleaning solution and the other with rinse water. Using the dolly connector plate (sold separately), you can join two dollies together so that you can move both buckets around simultaneously. This huge time-saver ensures you never have to waste your energy walking back and forth between your buckets.

Grit Guard Bucket Dolly Product Review

Should I Pair My Grit Guard Bucket Dolly with a Grit Guard Wash Bucket?

That decision is totally up to you. Of course, the Grit Guard Wash Bucket is a perfect match for the Grit Guard Bucket Dolly in terms of both quality and functionality. But any standard 3.5-gallon, 4-gallon, 5-gallon, and 6-gallon bucket will also work just fine.

The main advantage of using a Grit Guard Wash Bucket is that it comes with a Grit Guard Insert. This insert sits at the bottom of the bucket and has radial fingers that help remove any dirt or grit clinging to your sponge or mitt as you dip it into the water, reducing the risk of wash-induced swirls or scratches and helping to keep your bucket clean.

If you're looking for ultimate convenience, we recommend pairing the Grit Guard Bucket Dolly with a Grit Guard Wash Bucket. But if you already have a few standard buckets that you're happy with, then you can still use the Grit Guard Bucket Dolly without any problems.

Where Can I Purchase the Grit Guard Bucket Dolly?

Here at MD Detailing, we sell the Grit Guard Bucket Dolly in numerous colours, including black, red, and blue. We also offer various Grit Guard products, including larger 3" casters and dolly connectors, to help make your detailing experience even better.

Grit Guard Accessories Picture

Better still, when you combine any of the above-mentioned products to total an order value of more than £50, you can also take advantage of free shipping to mainland UK addresses.

To learn more about the Grit Guard Bucket Dolly or to purchase one for yourself, please visit our online shop here. In the meantime, why not also sign up for our newsletter to receive 10% off your first order with us?

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