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Gain Versatile, Long-Lasting Protection with Adam's Polishes H20 Guard & Gloss 2.0

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Adam's Polishes H20 Guard and Gloss has long been a favourite of detailers worldwide since its launch in 2015. However, the company has recently launched a new version that combines new hybrid technologies to deliver enhanced performance and far greater versatility.

So what's new about version 2.0, and why should you consider adding it to your detailing kit?

What's New About Adam's Polishes H20 Guard & Gloss 2.0?

Rather than rest on their laurels with an excellent paint sealant, the guys over at Adam's Polishes effectively went back to the drawing board and came up with a new version that is an entirely new 3-in-1 product.

They managed to combine silica resins, optical grade polymer resins, and carnauba emulsifiers into one chemical. This water-activated paint sealant and protector now helps to eliminate the drying process and leaves a beautiful glossy finish to boot. In other words, there's no need to go through the polish, wax, and sealant stages anymore (if you don't want to), as this bottle does it all in a one-step solution.

Lastly, perhaps the most surprising feature of this new version is that you can use it as a quick detail spray. If you're giving your car a once over before calling it a day and realise you've missed a spot, simply spray and buff off and enjoy a nice contaminant-free gloss finish!

This was something you couldn't do with the old spray as the silicone was too thick, and adding touch-up spray functionality is a masterstroke that adds a whole extra layer of versatility.

How to Use Adam's Polishes H20 Guard & Gloss 2.0?

Due to the hybrid technology of version 2.0, there are numerous ways you can apply this spray. However, for a traditional protect, seal, and gloss treatment, apply (spray lightly) to a wet panel, then gently rub it into the surface with a microfiber borderless towel.

Once you've covered the desired area, take a dry borderless towel and gently massage the area as if you were drying it. Stand back, and within 60 seconds, you should see the gloss finish start to take effect.

A word of caution when using the product – it works best on a clayed and polished surface, and a little product goes a long way. We wouldn't recommend spraying directly onto windows. Instead, spray onto a soft towel and work in.

Finally, avoid applying in direct sunlight if you can (work quickly with the product if you can't help working in sunlight).

How Often Should I Use it? How Long Does the Protection Last?

As mentioned, a little goes a long way, and you certainly don't want to be using it on every wash as it may gunk up on the surface of your paintwork. The guys over at Adam's Polishes recommend applying every 2 to 3 washes.

We've found that the water beading is very impressive for such a multifunctional product, with protection lasting as long as six months, even during winter.

The further North you are, the more frequently you'll have to apply it, as you're more likely to encounter harsh autumn and winter conditions. That said, you can still expect at least three months' protection, which we feel is an excellent return on your investment.

Where Can I Buy the New Adam's Polishes H20 Guard & Gloss 2.0?

We sell Adam's Polishes H20 Guard & Gloss 2.0 here at MD Detailing for a very reasonable price of £16.99. We believe that this 3-in-1 product offers incredible value for money and, crucially, saves you time during the detailing process too. You won't get through mountains of the stuff either, with a bottle providing several protective finishes.

To add this excellent product to your detailing line-up, head over to the Adam's Polishes H20 Guard & Gloss 2.0 product page. We currently offer free UK mainland delivery on all orders over £50, so why not also browse our online shop and stock up on a range of industry-leading products?

Lastly, if you love a discount, we are currently offering 10% of orders to those who sign up for our newsletter for a limited time only. So make sure to subscribe before the offer expires.



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