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ValetPro Citrus Pre-Wash Review - Great Value and a Safe pre-wash

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

ValetPro Citrus Pre-Wash Review - Great Value and a Safe pre-wash

ValetPro Citrus pre-wash proves to be an excellent product that is at the same time affordable for a large number of consumers. It can be used at any time of year especially when cars have had a season of getting easily covered with stubborn grime from the wet and often muddy roads. In addition to a standard 5L bottle, the pre-wash is also available in a 1L bottle which is great for people who only wash their vehicle now and then.

As we know cars tend to get dirty over time, especially in wet, dusty, or snowy weather. Sometimes the grime is so sticky and stubborn that it is hard and often dangerous to your paintwork to remove it using conventional methods. In recent years, auto detailing companies have developed several products that can get easily solve this potential problem. One such pre-wash product that stands out is the ValetPro Citrus pre-wash.

Founded in 2005, ValetPro has gained a respectable reputation among professionals and amateurs alike because of the quality of their products, and today we'll be talking to you about their pre-wash.

Why use a pre-wash?

Before talking about its performance, I should mention that the pre-wash shouldn't be confused with snow foam as it's just meant to remove hard and sticky stains from a car's body.

You might ask what is the need for such a product when you have to wash your car again after using the pre-wash with using snow foam and a shampoo? The answer is simple and straightforward; ValetPro Citrus Pre-Wash weakens the bug splats and sticky mud etc. It lifts and carries away the muck with itself, off the surface of a car.

The car can be further cleaned when you rinse it off using a pressure washer. One big advantage of using this technique before normally cleaning a car is that you avoid any kind of damage to ceramic coating or wax you have applied on the car and to the general paintwork itself. Moreover, it makes the job much easier and there's no fear of creating swirl marks when a pre-wash has been used properly prior to the regular cleaning process.


The ValetPro Citrus pre-wash, as the name suggests, is orange in colour and has a nice citrus scent, due to the addition of numerous citrus oils in it's ingredients. However, I guess what matters most is its performance, and thankfully it doesn't disappoint in that department.

The solution is usually prepared at a recommended dilution rate of 1:8, which is strong

enough to fight off the toughest stains and bug splats. To achieve better results apply it with a foam sprayer such as IK Sprayer Foam Pro2 or IK Sprayer Foam Pro12, as it provides a stronger solution. There's no need to worry about protective coatings when using a foam sprayer as this pre-wash is safe even if the solution is concentrated a little above the recommended levels. You could opt for a pressure washer for its application, as it will deliver richer foam, but keep in mind that the solution will be more diluted and hence the cleaning power will be lesser.

The ValetPro Citrus pre-wash is especially helpful this time of year when the salt-mud mixture has stuck on the car. Bird droppings and tree saps can be removed effectively too, without damaging the clear coat or any protective coating, thanks in part to the citrus oils infused in it.

Once applied it should be left for approximately 5-8 minutes to do its job, just make sure that it is not left too long, since it has a pH of 9.5 which could potentially slightly peel off a protective layer of coating. However, the only purpose of this mild alkaline nature is to fight off sturdy stains and there is nothing to worry about if you are using it correctly.

Lastly, you can also use this pre-wash to clean interiors, but to be fair there are other products, specifically designed for this purpose that would do the job better such as ValetPro Advanced Interior Cleaner or ValetPro Enzyme Odour Eater, and the moderate alkaline nature may discolour the interior.

For better results To get even better results, spray ValetPro snow foam on top of the pre-wash. The pH-neutral snow foam and the pre-wash combined form a highly powerful combination that can literally take care of any stubborn build up and all you have to do next is to rinse them off with a pressure washer. The blend of these two detailing agents, leave little to no work for shampoo and the rest of the car wash becomes a piece of cake. Just make sure that you are preparing the solution properly for each of these cleaning agents as advised on the label so that you get the best results.

The ValetPro Citrus pre-wash proves to be an excellent product that at the same time is affordable for consumers. This really is a brilliant all-year-round product. In addition to a standard 5L bottle, the pre-wash is also available in a 1L bottle which is great for people who only wash their vehicle now and then or want to give it a try.

Thanks for reading! Mark MD Detailing

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