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HJUL- Colour change wheel cleaner by Stjarnagloss

Car cleaning is a hobby for some people, but this doesn’t mean that they’re not prepared to go to extreme lengths to make sure that their vehicle gets the best treatment available. The presence of virtually uncountable car detailing products on the markets have made the job of professional and enthusiasts easier, and confusing, all at the same time. While it’s relatively easy to get a hold of a tried and tested snow foam or a car shampoo, it is still a bit of a mission to select and buy products that are made to clean more specific areas in a car.

Wheel cleaners are one example of such products that are not as frequently used as the shampoo’s and snow foam’s; hence it becomes tricky to select a quality product. Another reason might be that people often tend to ignore the wheels as they quickly gather grime again, even after a short commute. However, the importance of wheel and rim cleaners should not be underestimated, by the fact that people don’t use them regularly. They serve several important purposes without which, your car may not look as aesthetically pleasing, in fact, a quality wheel cleaner is one of your best bets if you aim to achieve a uniformly cleaned car.

Stjarnagloss HJUL colour change wheel cleaner has all the properties you expect from a good wheel cleaner. It has a colour-changing property which also acts as a guide as to when to rinse off the solution. The cleaner can easily be identified by a prominent "STJ" written on its package.

Why choose HJUL- a colour-changing wheel cleaner? You might be wondering why you should be using this particular product. The reason is quite simple and straightforward, it’s because the HJUL wheel cleaner has certain properties which give it an edge over other cleaners. To begin with, it uses a pH-neutral formula which is an industry-accepted standard, and the soap content in it allows removal of dust and grime effectively, without damaging the paint on either the wheels or the car’s body. The wheel cleaner is especially helpful in the winter season when stubborn debris from the road sticks on the wheels and it becomes hard to remove it using conventional methods. To allow the product to dwell longer you could add a snow foam such as Stjarnagloss Sno over the top to develop a thick raspberry ripple effect.

The thick texture of spray cleaner helps it to dwell for a longer period of time, hence allowing you to gently scrub the wheel using a wheel brush - such as the EZ Detail Brushes brush or even a Microfiber Madness Incredibrush- with ease. The wheel cleaner effectively removes ferrous brake debris in a short amount of time and your wheels and brake callipers will be blessed with a fresh look. Last but certainly not the least, the wheel cleaner changes its colour after it has been applied for a little while, which not only looks cool but also acts as an indicator as to when to rinse the solution off.


Applying Stjarnagloss’s colour change wheel cleaner is actually and easy enough task. You just need to follow some basic precautions whilst using it. Apply it using a sprayer, such as an IK Sprayers sprayer and leave it for 1-4 minutes to do its job - just don’t let it dry! to do its job, wait a bit less if it has been applied on paint. You can also gently scrub the wheels using a wheel cleaning brush such as the EZ Brushes brush. Wait until the colour becomes pinkish-violet and then rinse it off using a pressure washer. Try not to apply it directly in between the brake pads and the rotor as its soapy texture can reduce the friction which will compromise the braking capability. It is also worth noting that the product can peel off any protective coating if it is applied on the body for longer than the advised duration.

Conclusion: Overall, the HJUL-colour changing wheel cleaner by Stjarnagloss is a good product that can be helpful in every season, especially the winters. Moreover, it is particularly helpful in the wet weather conditions of the U.K, where wheels quickly accumulate grime and it becomes difficult to remove it using car shampoo. The cleaner is available in three sizes; however, you will be better off with a 500ml bottle if you only want to use it very occasionally. You can opt for the bigger bottles if your car’s wheels need attention more frequently and you want to avoid the hassle of buying the 500ml bottle again and again.

Thanks for reading! Mark MD Detailing

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