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Bilt Hamber cleanser-fluid 5 Litre


Introducing the Bilt Hamber Cleanser Fluid 5 Litre Bottle – your ultimate pre-treatment car paint cleaner for a flawless finish. This Cleanser-Fluid is specially formulated to deep clean pores, effectively removing road film, old waxes, tar, and much more. By priming the paint surface thoroughly, it ensures optimal adhesion for ceramic coatings, waxes and sealers.


Just as you wouldn't paint on an oily or greasy surface, it's crucial to prepare your paint with a deep cleaning process. Bilt-Hamber Laboratories brings you the exclusive Cleanser-Fluid, offering unparalleled non-abrasive cleaning for your vehicle's paint surface. This unique product is designed to replace harsh IPA cleaners, effectively eliminating oil-based road films, polish residue, and any remaining traces of previous LSP applications.


Make Cleanser-Fluid an essential part of your car detailing routine. Use it after the claying process to prime the paint surface perfectly, enhancing the longevity of waxes and sealers. Trust Bilt Hamber for a superior pre-treatment paint cleaner that sets the stage for a pristine and long-lasting finish. Elevate your car detailing game with Cleanser-Fluid – the key to a deeply cleansed and optimally primed paint surface.


5 Litre Bottle Only 

Bilt Hamber Cleanser Fluid - 5 Litre

  • Bilt Hamber cleanser-fluid should be atomised over the paint film until it is wetted with the product, do not use on hot panels, and use in a shaded area.

    Gently and quickly wipe the material from the paint with the microfibre, turning the cloth frequently and wiping until the panel is dry

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