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Lake Country Microfibre Cutting Pads use the very latest microfibre technology to provide superb cutting and finishing performance making them perfect for paint correction.


They are the perfect pads for detailers as they can be used, abused, washed and reused multiple times.


Microfibre pads are constructed of thousands of strands of microfibre and these fibres have brilliant cutting capabilities because they’re actually an abrasive.


Lake Country Microfibre Cutting Pads use microfibre loops that are plusher and denser compared to other microfiber pads, which ensures that they will quickly and easily remove heavy swirl marks, sanding scratches, water spots and oxidation.


Lake Country Microfibre Cutting Pads also use state-of-the-art adhesive technology to ensure the pads do not delaminate, even after countless uses. These pads feature two different adhesives, both of which are specifically designed for the material that they’re attached to. This ensures that Lake Country Microfibre Pads are more durable than conventional microfibre pads. 


They are also machine washable!

Lake Country Microfibre Cutting Pad (multi sizes)

  • suitable for the following machines:

    1.5 rupes ibrid nano 

    2.5 rupes ibrid nano (2.25)

    3.5 Rupes LHR75E or Rupes LHR75 Pneumatic

    5.5 Rupes Duetto or LHR 15 Polishers

    6.5 Rupes LHR21


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