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Menzerna Control Cleaner 500ml


Cleaning spray for exceptionally thorough polishing


This matchless cleaning spray enables visual inspection of the coat surface being treated – and removes polishing residues, grease, and dirt. Ideal for ensuring a clean base coat to prepare for sealing. Menzerna Control Cleaner boasts smear-free application and outstanding wipe properties.


  • Completely removes polishing residue and grease
  • Smear-free application
  • Outstanding wipe properties
  • No discoloration
  • Perfect preparation for sealing


How To Use

  • Use: cleaning the polished surface or preparing the coat for a sealant.
  • Spray Menzerna Control Cleaner onto the surface to be cleaned.
  • Wipe away residual polish, grease and wax by making circular motions with a Premium microfiber cloth.
  • Use another clean microfiber cloth to dry the surface.


Menzerna - Control Cleaner


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