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P&S Bug Off Remover 16oz


P&S Bug Off Insect Remover is an industrial strength cleaner that removes stubborn bug residue.


Bug residue usually becomes an issue in the summer months, especially when driving on the motorway. Insects often end up stuck to the front bumper, front window, and the bonnet.


Insect residue can be extremely damaging to paintwork. The residue is so acidic that it can eat away at clearcoats within days. If left on the paintwork the bug remains will etch into your clearcoat and leave noticeable marks that look like water spots.


P&S Bug Off Insect Remover will quickly break down all residues left behind on the paint and neutralize the acids that will eat away at your clear coat.




Always wear protective gloves, goggles, and clothing when using any strong cleaner. Pour the product into an empty spray bottle. Make sure that the paint surface is cool to the touch to avoid any issues with spotting on the paint. Spray P&S Bug Off Insect Remover directly onto the affected area.


Let P&S Bug Off Insect Remover sit on the paint and clean the surface for about 1-2 minutes. Then simply rinse P&S Bug Off Insect Remover off your paint and wash your vehicle.

P&S Bug Off Insect Remover 16oz


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