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Rupes IBrid Nano Foam Pads Various sizes and Grades, each coloured foam pad has a different use & each colour comes in 2 different sizes to fit either the smaller (30mm) or larger (50mm) backing pads for the Rupes Ibrid Nano. See the additional information sections for more information.

    RUPES Ibrid Nano Foam Pad - Various Types - 30 & 50MM

    • These Rupes Coarse Foam Pads are ideal for fast cutting paint correction on the Nano Ibrid Polishing Machine. 

      They have an open cell foam for greater cooling when in use, expelling  heat build-up. For best results, pair up with the Bigfoot Zephir Coarse Compound or for even better results use with the new D-A Course High Performance Cutting Polishing Compound. 

      These pads are great on all paint types, hard or soft and great to polish small areas and edge work on body panels as it's a very firm foam.


      • Removes Heavy to Moderate Swirls & Scratches
      • Cutting Pad
      • Can be washed
      • 40mm: For use with 30mm Backing Plate
      • 70mm: For use with 50mm Backing Plate

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